Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Lunar Market

is a market near our school where you can get great deals on farm fresh fruits of the earth, especially if you can bargain in Chinese.
When we buy fruits and veggies in our village, we buy directly from a farmer bringing their pears or peppers into town to sell. Many times they are covered in dirt or bumpy but taste so delicious!

We buy our veggies from "our vegetable lady" in the village who has been so kind to us and the other foreigners. People like her make us motivated to learn Chinese so we can practice something new each time we see them.

So far at the Lunar Market we've bought watermelon, roasted chestnuts (smelled heavenly but we weren't fans), fresh honey, towels and a rope of garlic that we hung in our kitchen.

At this market, you can also get the latest in Chinese fashion:

The Lunar Market is not for the squeamish...

You can even go to the dentist at the market :)

To begin to experience what life is like in rural China, there's probably no better place to start than the Lunar Market.