Friday, April 29, 2011

a spring bike ride

Things have been a lot more green here lately, and this is refreshing to everyone here after a very brown winter. Daniel and I ventured out on our bikes because it was a gorgeous day and after we rode a few kilometers, this is what we saw :)It's wheat season.

The local shepherd.

We are at a countdown now of 50 days!


  1. We are counting with you :) Thanks for the new update!!

  2. The Butler's have sheep like this grazing in their pasture and each evening they come up so we could watch them during supper!

  3. Man, can't wait to see you guys. Emerson, Wyatt, and I(Addie) are at least coming when you get back! Sean has to go to Swaziland. I already told Emerson and Wyatt we are going and they are both excited. I think Wyatt is over his beard fear:)

  4. AWW YAY! I can't wait to spend time together! So glad you guys can come! love!