Wednesday, February 23, 2011

back from thailand :)

During our month off from school, we went to thailand for ten days based on the recommendations and help from some of our friends here. It was ridiculously beautiful and clean and warm. We went from heavy coats to bathing suits in a 6 hour flight. Here is a taste of what we did one day on koh lanta, an island in southern thailand.

It was our first time driving a moped and that means some people won't rent to you, but we rented one from the place where we were staying where they were really laid-back about it. The moped was pink and gray with a floor board that said "playboy" with multi-colored bunnies (The playboy brand is everywhere in asia, we have playboy brand towels in our flat).

We had it for 24 hours and couldn't have been on a better island to use it. On Koh Lanta, it's impossible to get lost because there are only 3 roads but the island was big enough to explore and discover lonely rocky beaches and joy-ride. One time we pulled off, we were hiking down to a beach, looking at rubber being collected from the trees and saw a monkey swinging around in them.

In one part of the ride I was filming, we saw a guy wipe out on his bike in the opposite lane and skid into ours and then off the road. I partially caught it on film. Amazingly, he was unscathed and he picked up a few broken pieces of his bike and then later passed us going way too fast again. Daniel did a great job driving, and it was so much fun and so good on gas, we are thinking about a Vespa when we get back to SC!

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