Wednesday, February 23, 2011

dinner and a show

here's some more of our experience on the island of lanta. our hotel was about a stone's throw from the beach, which had restaurants right on the water. the beach was really calm, almost like a lake front. we stopped at a restaurant that had these little huts you could eat in. the huts were elevated off the sand a few feet, with a straw mat some pillows and a low table. we had thai chips, which are small pieces of fried dough, and some thai style barbecue. the waiters were young guys in jeans and t shirts, (how they wore jeans in this climate i have no clue) and they were laid back if not a little forgetful.

then they started playing with fire.

it was like i was back with my small group guys again, trying to explain to them why their plan was not such a good idea. alas, boys will be boys...

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